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Friday, September 30, 2016

Caution: Spoilers! Grey's Anatomy - What Will Happen With Alex and Jo

This post contains spoilers from upcoming new Grey's Anatomy episodes. If you don't want to be spoiled, then do not read any further.

Given what I've heard on Twitter and various other chat sites, Alex is definitely going to need his person, Meredith this season. I suspect a bucket load of shit is about to hit the fan where Alex and Jo are concerned. I so wish he would break up with her for good. Her lies of omission last season were the icing on the cake for me.

Now I know many fans of Jolex may not agree with this and that's okay by me. I have disliked Alex and Jo's relationship since it started back in Season nine. The chemistry is not there.

I love Alex Karev and want him to have the best, he so deserves this after all he's been through. I think Maggie would be a great match for Alex. I did toy with the idea of Amelia awhile ago, but I doubt Alex could deal with her crazy as well as Meredith's. LOL.

What do you all think?

In other news, it looks like there may be a love triangle with newcomer Dr Nathan Riggs, Maggie and Meredith. Who are you rooting for? Would you love to see Maggie with Nathan or Meredith and Nathan?

Personally I felt that last season, Meredith was scratching an itch when she and Nathan hooked up. That steamy encounter with Nathan in her car was about Mer moving through her grieving process over losing the love of her life, Dr Derek Shepherd, AKA McDreamy.

Moving onto to Jackson and April. What do you all see for their future? I don't see them getting back together any time soon, which is ridiculous given how much they love each other.

Lastly, I want to mention Owen and Amelia. What do you think of their very fast wedding? I don't see good things happening here. But, perhaps I could be wrong. Surely we need one couple on Grey's that are happy for at least one season. I guess we'll see.
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