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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 - It's Pretty Awesome So Far

Hey Grey's Addicts,

Hope you are all enjoying Season 12. I have not written much here lately, as is the case when I am writing for clients, however I thought I should drop in and talk about the 12th Season that recently premiered in September. 

I try to stay clear of spoiler and living in Australia, we are a few weeks behind the US, so therefore I have not been visiting the usual Grey's Anatomy spoiler sites. One site I visit all the time though, is Spoiler TV, I just love that site. I have been keeping an eye on the ratings and I gotta say, I take back what I said about Derek Shepherd's death tanking the ratings. The ratings seem to be steady and quite impressive in the demographic.

Shonda Rhimes is literally on fire this season with Grey's, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. These three shows have finished in the top three for Thursday nights for the last few weeks, and that is a huge achievement. I can see Grey's Anatomy being on ABC TV for a few more years to come yet if these numbers are anything to go by. ABC seem to know how to get high numbers in their prized time-slots.

As for the show itself, Season 12 has made an excellent start. I am certainly intrigued to see what is coming and it would seem as though I am not the only one. I have so far watched three episodes and have enjoyed them all.
I guess a few fans left when McDreamy passed on, however it would seem that I was right about Ellen Pompeo. She has a huge fan-base, which is great as Grey's Anatomy for me has always been about Meredith Grey and her story. It would seem as though this is where Shonda plans to take the show too. 

Right now, Jackson is bugging me, as I agree with April that you fight for a marriage. And agreeing with April is not something that I do on a regular basis, but I feel for her. Jackson needs to think about why he got married in the first place. 

Bailey is kind of bugging me, and I cannot put my finger on why, it will come to me in the next few episodes. Alex and Jo bug too, but that's nothing new. Jo's whining is starting to annoy me. 

A taste of things to come perhaps?

That's really about it, it is early days yet. I will be back toward the end of the fall/winter season to review what I thought of the first eight to ten episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

Now it is your turn to have your say. What do you think of Season 12 so far? Let me know in the comments or join me on Twitter or Facebook.

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