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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Should Grey's Anatomy End?

Recently TV Guide magazine ran a poll on popular television shows and whether they should end. Grey's Anatomy was one of the shows polled and it the results so far show that fans of the show are split. Last I checked, 51% said Grey's should end and 49% said that Grey's should keep going.

So almost more than half the fans think Grey's Anatomy needs to end, but a majority of those who voted for the show to end probably rarely watch Grey's anymore. Most fans who still currently watch would be happy to see it keep going, as long as the stories are still good. 

With the current story of the sale of Seattle Grace and the doctors using their settlement to buy the hospital; things have just gotten interesting. Who would have thought that the Harper Avery foundation would step in and bail out Seattle Grace and it leave the door open for some interesting events. Jackson Avery will be in charge. That is sure to rub a few people up the wrong way; including me. I have never seen this character in a positive light and I'm not about to start now.

In a nutshell; whether Grey's Anatomy is cancelled or not this season or next season will largely come down to ratings. It is still ranked as the most watched drama and making money for ABC is what they will be concerned with. It has already been listed as one of the shows likely to be renewed for a future season; so we are looking at ten years of Grey's Anatomy. Whether it goes beyond that will again unfortunately come down to contract negotiations.  The original six actors have only inked two year contracts, so if ABC cannot get Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo and the rest of the group to sign on again; then show will be history at the end of season ten. Fans will turn off if Meredith and Derek are no longer on their screens and I would be gone if Cristina were not a part of the show, Sandra Oh is a big reason why I tune in.

The hope is that the network begin those negotiations early; so that they have time to get a commitment from the actors. When the contracts were agreed on right before the end of season 8; it completely ruined the suspense of the plane crash finale, as fans knew the originals had signed before the episode went to air. Having contract negotiations dictate story arcs and creativity is not ideal either. 

Grey's Anatomy has had between eight and eleven millions viewers this season and for a show that is nine years old; this is pretty outstanding. Not many show of nine years report these kind of numbers. The demographic audience is still winning in it's time-slot most weeks; so the powers that be must be doing something right. Person of Interest, which is in direct competition has reported number of up to 15 million total viewers, however in the demographic; it's numbers are very close to Grey's Anatomy and some weeks behind. While total numbers do count; it is the demographic the networks are interested in, because this dictates how much advertising revenue they will make.

Whether Season 10 will be the Series Finale is anyone's guess at the moment, however if ratings stay steady; then I don't see why ABC would not renew the series; that is if they able to negotiate contracts with their major cast members. Fans are split on whether Grey's should end, however most dies hard fans will watch if story lines are good and their favourite characters don't leave.

Source: TV Guides Poll

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