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I Am The Sun and He can Go Suck It
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Actor Isaiah Washington Still Watches Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh's former Grey's Anatomy co-star Isaiah Washington - who played Cristina's teacher and 
almost husband Dr. Preston Burke  - appeared on CNN Newsroom today where he discussed his 
new book and the big controversy that he was involved in on Grey's Anatomy a few years ago 
which lead to his dismissal.

In the interview he says that he has been invited back to the show since he left and he briefly 
mentions that still "peeks in" to watch Grey's Anatomy because he adores Sandra Oh. 
You can watch the interview here

Sandra Oh has never commented on the controversy publicly other than leaving a cryptic remark in Marie Claire
but when asked in an interview if she was sad to see Isaiah Washington go, she said this:

Sandra Oh: How do I say this? For me, it’s been very difficult because I found our storyline very rich. 
I found it a complicated relationship and I'm sad to see that relationship storyline to have gone. It’s sad.

Would you have liked to see Preston Burke back on Grey's Anatomy to stir things up? 

Article courtesy of SandraOhNews

Despite all the drama that happened during Season 3 with Isaiah Washington, T R Knight and Katherine Heigl, I would love to see Burke come back to Grey's Anatomy as I loved the character of Preston Burke. As for Burke and Cristina, I think Owen and Cristina make a better couple, simply because Burke expected things from Cristina that she just could not give him and I'm not sure Burke would have agreed to Marriage counselling; see photo below:

Owen and Cristina in Therapy

I am also not surprised that Washington still watches the show to see his former co-star; as Sandra Oh is such an amazing and talented actress. She never ceases to entertain.

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